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Sat Aug 23 18:49:07 PDT 2008

On Aug 23, 2008, at 2:07 AM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> To my view, Decimal is much less important overall than, say,
> ByteArray or some other effective way to represent binary data, which
> is not in ES3.1 and was even rejected from ES4 (at least as then
> spec'd).

Just for the record, ByteArray was cut in favor of Vector.<byte>,  
which yielded to Vector.<int> with the loss of byte, which yielded  
with the loss of int (wait for it ;-)) to the return of ByteVector  
(cuts were being made to the troublesome machine integer types, but a  
byte-vector type was part of the plan all along). Parameterized types  
were ultimately not required; we were back to a nominal type  
ByteVector that could be used without new syntax. See 

Anyway, I agree ByteArray or ByteVector is important. I wouldn't put  
it in a lifeboat-ethics contest with Decimal (one of the two must be  
tossed over) for ES-Harmony, but for ES3.1 there is no contest.

So I agree that Decimal is out of scope for ES3.1, and I've said so  
often, most recently in Oslo. But the hardball being played to get  
*and* let it into ES3.1 has been an obstacle to frank exchange of  
opinions among all of the committee members. IMHO.

> There's a lot more popular Web applications that would be
> interested in manipulating binary data efficiently than care about
> calculating prices.

The ones that calculate prices apparently use pennies and round  
carefully when multiplying by things like sales tax rates.

> Finally, while Decimal seems like it will be useful to knowledgeable
> developers dealing with financial data, it seems likely to confuse the
> average developer more than it will help.

That is unclear. A "use decimal" pragma that does not allow implicit  
conversions from binary64 to decimal128 might work well for most  
users; they'd never notice the lack of speed or the greater  
precision, and they would definitely like the powers-of-five  
expressiveness ( is  
still seeing duplicate reports; bloggers are still blaming one  
company or another for "math being broken" in JS). But there are too  
many variables to be sure of what would work.

I wrote recently that the best way to get Decimal done is to  
implement it as an extension, with operators, I hope with a safe "use  
decimal" pragma, in popular open source browsers. Then and only then  
might we get some kind of usability feedback. We desperately need  
experiments, not guesses or committee prescriptions.

Pushing a de jure spec first, or at the same time as prototype  
implementations, and on a short deadline (next spring), risks making  
ES3.1 late (again), or -- if the spec makes it by next spring in  
advance of usability feedback -- risks premature standardization  

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