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Ingvar von Schoultz ingvar-v-s at
Sat Aug 23 12:35:54 PDT 2008

Sam Ruby wrote:
> ihab.awad at wrote:
>> In other words, the same as the "+" operator given a Number and a
>> library provided Employee, Document, PopupWidget, ..., or any other
>> user defined type.
> Having Decimal.parse(2) + 3 produce "23" is not what I would call "fail 
> fast", as that is a term I would typically use for throwing an exception 
> or the like.

Would the following trick make mixed mode unnecessary?

Say your program uses Decimal, but imports several old libraries
that know nothing about Decimal. Say you tell the compiler to
compile these old libraries in an all-Decimal mode. You just
force them into Decimal, ignoring the fact that they were
written for binary.

If /everything/ becomes Decimal, the whole language, is it
likely that the libraries will have a problem with this?
Isn't it extremely likely that they will just work perfectly?

I've mentioned this before, but I'm not sure if I was clear
and understandable. Forgive me if I'm repeating something
that isn't useful. As a naive onlooker I think this /sounds/

Ingvar von Schoultz

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