Thoughts on IEEE P754

David Jones drj at
Sat Aug 23 02:08:27 PDT 2008

On 22 Aug 2008, at 22:46, Mark S. Miller wrote:
> Finally, I'd like to take a poll: Other than people working on decimal
> at IBM and people on the EcmaScript committee, is there anyone on this
> list who thinks that decimal adds significant value to EcmaScript? If
> so, please speak up. Thanks.

Yes.  I think decimal adds value, but I'm afraid my strongest reason  
for thinking so is that decimal is getting added to other languages  
(C#, C++, Python) and JavaScript will be perceived as "not as useful/ 
modern/fashionable" if it doesn't have it and therefore get used less  
and therefore have a less healthy community of users.

I have other reasons too, but that's the strongest.


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