Thoughts on IEEE P754

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Fri Aug 22 11:23:37 PDT 2008

Mike Cowlishaw wrote:
> Seems to me the problem here is not decimal (or binary) representations 
> but arrays (consider a(0.0) and a("0.0")).
> In effect the array definition in ES3 says -- in a rather roundabout way 
> -- that all indexes must be an integer (which fits in 32 bits if encoded 
> in binary).  So, as long as there's a toInt32 in there, decimals with 
> trailing zeros after the point are just fine.  In other words the 
> processing of array indexes could (conceptually) be 
> toString->toNumber->toInt32 (or something like that).

That's incompatible with ES3.  There is no toInt in there.


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