return when desugaring to closures

Peter Michaux petermichaux at
Thu Aug 21 17:39:42 PDT 2008

Dave Herman wrote:

> We all know about the benefits of specification by desugaring. (I do 
> know a thing or two about macros, ya know.) But desugaring only works 
> when the feature you want really *does* layer properly on top of an 
> existing feature. The simple reason we haven't specified `let' as a 
> desugaring into `function' is because we want them to behave differently.

Who is "we"?

Brendan seemed to invite discussion about the semantics of let.

If the committee has reached consensus then those outside the committee 
could save time and keystrokes and focus on other things where there is 

How do outsiders know which proposals have reached committee consensus?


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