Mike Cowlishaw MFC at uk.ibm.com
Thu Aug 21 11:57:10 PDT 2008

<yawn>  The 'spelling' of keywords has probably eaten more 
programming-language-committee bandwidth than any other topic.  But it 
really is only worth discussing at the *start* of the design of a 
language, where one puts principles in place (such as 'abbreviations only 
shorten and never remove vowels' [so they can be looked up in dictionaries 
by non-native speakers] or 'there are no reserved keywords' [so the 
language can be extended easily], or 'we are following the 
Java-Algol-C-BASIC-PL/I precedent').

For ES, the choice of keywords should probably follow the 'gut-feeling' of 
the original designer ... that way, the design has the best chance of 
remaining coherent.

ANSI REXX (X3.274-1996) managed to avoid this particular distraction.  The 
only time that that committee came close to blows was over the discussion 
on how to indent the code in the standard.   (There is a lot of code in 
the standard, because the language is defined as a non-circular 
implementation of itself, based on a very small set of primitives.)  :-)


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