ECMAScript Harmony

Kris Zyp kris at
Wed Aug 13 20:26:22 PDT 2008

>> We talked about desugaring classes in some detail in Oslo. During
>> these exchanges, we discussed several separable issues, including
>> classes, inheritance, like patterns, and type annotations. I'll avoid
>> writing more here,
> Is there more to read elsewhere? I'd like to know concretely what
> "desugaring classes" means.

I would too, I assume this is based on Mark's proposal for Classes as Sugar 
However, Mark's proposal seems pretty vague in the area of typing, so I am 
curious how this would work as well. Would there be new 
functionality/semantics for defining types on properties (via defineProperty 
in ES3.1, sugared in ES4) with some type of object structures like I 
suggested in


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