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Fri Aug 15 15:59:04 PDT 2008

specify a prefix map during serialization. That provides uniform
output despite all those different prefixes in the input documents
(like mixture of xsd:, xs: xd: or defaulting in XML schema - one do
not want to preserve that zoo). Thus prefixes in E4X not only set a
dangerous optionality precedent, but also force a particular XML
serialization style, while there others.

> >> They are only necessary to preserve the initial
> >> prefixes in the serialized XML. So perhaps E4X namespace can subclass
> (QName, not Namespace, I think Igor meant by "E4X namespace".)

Yes, I meant QName. Too much thinking about function:: support lately ;)

> If QName <: Name it still helps a bit. But yeah, Name is not related
> to string type as discussed previously, so at least one type test
> would be needed for uses of n in the loop body that did something
> more involved, say parse n as a string, than what almost all such
> loops do, obj[n].

What about providing a structured type that both String and Name/QName

Regards, Igor

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