Iteration in ES4

Dave Herman dherman at
Sat Apr 26 04:30:29 PDT 2008

>> === "Type" suffix on structural type names ===
>> The proposal defines structural types named IteratorType,  
>> IterableType,
>> and ItemizableType.  I think they should be named Iterator, Iterable,
>> and Itemizable.


> I agree. The -Type suffix has bothered me, although the reflect::  
> interface names use it too (for better reasons). I'm guilty, I will  
> remove it (Dave Herman was going to weigh in on it, and I bet he  
> agrees).

Yes, the -Type suffix makes sense in the reflect:: interfaces, because 
their instances *are* types (reflections of types, at least). But 
IterableType et al don't pass the "is-a" test.


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