ES4 stable draft: object initializers

Jeff Dyer jodyer at
Fri Apr 18 03:33:45 PDT 2008

On 4/17/08 2:13 PM, Brendan Eich wrote:

> These are wanted by Ajax library hackers, jresig and shaver testify. Rather
> than cut a long-standing proposal because a recent evolution of its *syntax*
> (not its substance) led to something problematic, why not return to the
> original syntax:
> obj = {get *(id) ..., set *(id, value) ...};
I¹m trying to recover the notes that record this long standing agreement.
The ³meta::get² syntax showed up on the latest proposal based, I¹m guessing,
on a discussion at the March F2F. But I don¹t see any mention of catchalls
in object intialisers in the notes or proposals on the wiki, or the
es4-discuss archives.

> If on the other hand, the syntax is heavy either way, but the substance is
> valuable because the use-cases are compelling enough to serve, then we can
> stick with meta::get, etc.
I prefer Œget¹ to Œmeta::get¹ as a ³keyword² and so I suggest we return to
the original syntax. I¹ll make a specific proposal for this change once I
see what the original syntax is.


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