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Thu Apr 17 10:23:26 PDT 2008

Erik Arvidsson skrev:
> Doug is part of TG1-TC39

Yes. I knew that...

> and his opinions have been brought up.

So I supposed that!

>  Some
> of these are on the track for ES3.1 and ES4.  Check out
> for more information.

What I wanted to read was the actual arguments pro and con as well as 
alternatives brought up.

Especially I wanted to see if isEmpty (and had been 
discussed (two features I would use a lot that I now have to program 
around). The wiki is kind of silent on discussion. The suggestions are 
not even discussed in the context of ES 4. Are there any meeting notes 
somewhere? Or IRC logs?

Lars Gunther

> On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 02:01, Keryx Web <webmaster at> wrote:
>> Since this list lacks a good search page... And Google shows me nothing.
>>  I suppose Douglas Crockfords wish list at
>> has been discussed. Could
>>  anyone point me to those discussions?
>>  Lars Gunther
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