Arguments in default constructors and implicit super()

Nathan de Vries nathan at
Tue Apr 15 17:55:43 PDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 13:40 +0100, Peter Hall wrote:
> The last word from Brenden was :
> > Seems safe, helps what may be a common case (I don't know -- anyone
> > with Flex experience have a count of classes this would help?).
> I don't have a class count, nor a good idea of how to go about getting
> one, but I know this is common enough to make a difference at least to
> me and my team.

My experience reflects yours. As an example, one of my projects (AS3 not
Flex) is approximately 40,000 lines of code with 426 classes, of which
84 would benefit from an inherited constructor signature & an implicit
call to super().


Nathan de Vries
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