String functions

Keryx Web webmaster at
Thu Apr 10 09:58:58 PDT 2008

Hi all!

I am new to this list and perhaps my questions have been answered. If 
so, could anyone point me to those discussions.

I see that string.trim is part of the suggested spec. Coming from PHP 
the thing I miss the most when programming JavaScript is the plethora of 
string functions, and the printf family of functions.

Besides trim, I have not been able to see any suggestions.

My questions: What string functions have been discussed? Are there any 
more that might make it? If I provide my use case, might a new function 
be considered for inclusion?

Have the printf/sprintf been considered for inclusion? If so, with named 
parameters as in Python (which I do miss in PHP)?

The functions I personally miss the most are:
- ucfirst
- number_format
- sha1
- levenshtein

As well as ltrim and rtrim, but I see that they are being discussed on 
the wiki.

Lars Gunther

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