Dynamic class default (was Re: Class method addition...)

Steven Johnson stejohns at adobe.com
Mon Apr 7 10:50:00 PDT 2008

> It would probably put an end to the acrimony about ES4 being too
> different from ES3; I'm hesitant to speak for the views of others, but
> I suspect this change would make the language a lot more palatable for
> many currently opposed to it.  In that light, "compelling" is going to
> be a highly subjective measurement.

Since ES3 doesn't have true "classes" at all I'm not sure I entirely agree,
but I get your point in terms of the feel of the language.

Granted, putting an end to acrimony is a Good Thing and not to be ignored,
but somehow I don't see any magic bullet that possibly achieve that on its
own :-)

Let me put it another way: aside from changing the perceived "feel" of the
language, what specific use cases would be made better, faster, more secure,
more extensible, more reliable, etc. by such a change?

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