Dynamic class default (was Re: Class method addition...)

Kris Zyp kris at sitepen.com
Mon Apr 7 07:53:03 PDT 2008

> 'final' already means "can't be overridden" for methods and "can't be
> extended by subclassing" for classes in several languages. Adding  another 
> meaning, even if it's of the same "mood", seems like a bad  idea to me.
> What's the point of your request? If you mean to promote "AOP"

I don't know what the connection would be.

> (a  sacred cow, per my last message to you, reply-less :-P)

I ran out of arguments :).

> , you risk  degrading overall integrity, or merely imposing a syntax tax 
> as most  class users have to say "inextensible class" (kidding, but it 
> would  have some contextual keyword in front -- and not "static").

Just a idea for budget cuts, it's rejection doesn't bother me, not an 
important issue to me.

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