Strict mode recap

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> > > - Disable FunctionObject.arguments (not actually in ES3 but  
> > > woefully used in practice)
> >
> > This is an interesting one, since disallowing it would mean that 
> > the ES3.1 and ES4 specs would have to re-allow it so that they could

> > explicitly disallow it :)
> Yes. It's also an interesting test of how strong our stomachs 
> are in codifying reality. Any web browser that doesn't 
> provide these will break  (or be broken by) the web. However, 
> it has never been specified and should never have been 
> implemented or used. 

It was actually written up in great normative detail in ES1 (section 
10.1.6, are the more important sections), though with some
hedging but ineffectual language about "bad style" and "compatibility
with old code".

Strangely, built-in functions were exempt from the mechanism (ch 15
intro); I don't know if that's a pragmatic issue (implementation
or a security issue.

The mechanism is not described in ES2, which I thought was a bit strange
in that ES2 was supposed to be simply(?) the bugfix version of ES1 that
corresponded with the ISO standard.


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