Strict mode recap

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Tue Apr 1 11:31:09 PDT 2008

Mark Miller wrote:
>>  > - Disable FunctionObject.arguments (not actually in ES3 but
>>  > woefully used in practice)
>>  This is an interesting one, since disallowing it would mean that
>>  the ES3.1 and ES4 specs would have to re-allow it so that they could
>>  explicitly disallow it :)
> Yes. It's also an interesting test of how strong our stomachs are in
> codifying reality. Any web browser that doesn't provide these will
> break  (or be broken by) the web. However, it has never been specified
> and should never have been implemented or used. I do think that
> standards mode should include it and strict mode should ban it.
> Otherwise, de-facto JavaScript continues to differ too greatly from
> what's documented.

I think this would be going too far.  I would not want to normatively introduce this little abomination into the spec even if it's de facto used by legacy scripts in browsers -- it was never in the spec and there are other uses of JavaScript not in browsers that shouldn't have to suffer from it.  The same goes for a few of the regexp features/bugs that aren't in ES3.


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