New Feature to JS 1.7

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As js4 will support OOP natively, this feature will useless for it
but for js1.7 it will be usefull.
In js1.7 I can not call next function from prototype chain
For example: 
function A(){};
A.prototype.f1= function(){};
function B(){};
B.prototype= new A(){};
B.prototype.f1= function(){ /*How call f1 from prototype A?*/}
There will be usefull to have next property:

B.prototype.f1= function() { arguments.inherit( this, arguments ); /*use full feature to call next function in prototype chain */ };
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  JS1.7 shipped in Firefox 2 and it is "done". This list is for discussion of ECMA-262 Edition 4 (ECMAScript 4, es4) features and design decisions. See


  On Sep 24, 2007, at 12:18 AM, <Eugen.Konkov at> <Eugen.Konkov at> wrote:

    Where can I post request for new feature to JavaScript 1.7?
    Es4-discuss mailing list
    Es4-discuss at

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