isPropertyEnumerable is going to stay broken?

Neil Mix nmix at
Tue Sep 11 08:50:45 PDT 2007

>> And I have to agree with him, the method is confusing.
> Sure, but that ship sailed (
> id=57048#c4).

I was responding to the following interchange:
Garrett: ...but the way propertyIsEnumerable is designed is confusing  
to developers.
Brendan: I've never heard that complaint directly, or in a report. Can you cite complaints anywhere on the  
web? I believe you, but it would be good to have evidence.

My opinion of the propertyIsEnumerable method was derived from  
personal experience, prior to this discussion.  Purely FWIW, if that  
counts as "evidence."

> My question remains: is this an incompatible change that will help
> more than it hurts, and otherwise be worth making?

If we were voting, I'd vote "yes."  If you're asking for objectivity,  
I think your crawlers provide the only reliable data.  (Searching for  
"propertyIsEnumerable filetype:js" on Google yields no hits.)

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