Reference implementation currently too hard to install in Windows

Jonathan Watt jwatt at
Wed Oct 31 06:23:10 PDT 2007

Dave Herman wrote:
>> Thanks Dave, that would be great. Could you let us know how things stand once
>> you know more?
> It's looking good. Despite the fact that SML/NJ doesn't appear to have 
> upcoming plans to support Windows binaries, MLton ( 
> does and has for a long time. We have written pretty exclusively to the 
> standard of SML so porting to MLton has remained pretty easy. Last night 
> Graydon and I successfully built Windows binaries with MLton. We should 
> be pushing out another release ASAP that will include a Windows (Cygwin) 
> binary.
> I have to look into licensing, but I believe if we can include the 
> Cygwin DLL with the Windows binary, there should be no dependencies 
> whatsoever and you can just download and run.

Fantastic! Hopefully Windows users will soon be able to provide useful feedback
based on first hand experience. :-)

> For the future, however, I do want to improve the build process to make 
> it easier for the uninitiated. SML/NJ and MLton both tend to be a little 
> tricky to install, though, so that goal may be trickier.

Good luck with that, and thanks for your efforts guys!


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