Es4-discuss Digest, Vol 8, Issue 44

Ric Johnson Cedric at OpenDomain.Org
Tue Oct 30 19:02:30 PDT 2007

On 10/31/2007, "Brendan Eich" <brendan at> wrote:

>Sure, but you have now argued in a circle. If the script tag handler,
>upon seeing <script> (no type or version selected), invokes the
>ECMAScript implementation so that it understands new ES4 keywords,
>then the browser behaves incompatibly from today's browsers, and
>you've just broken the web.

I did not say I had a solution - just that, to me, adding a version would
accomplish Doug's goal of 'just name it another language'

This is what I KNOW:
Mozilla/Opera/Adobe will get it right - or die.
There will bugs in the implementation
There will be different interpretations of the spec
Time is the killer:  ES4 needs to be out NOW to help Ajax compete with
richer solutions, but has to be mature.  Also, different vendors will
have different schedules.
Microsoft HAS contrived to obstruct similar proceedings in the past

This is my opinion:
Douglas is a nice guy, and really smart.  I assume he is just passionate
about JavaScript and is not participating in any conspiracy.
I am a bit overwhelmed by the new spec, but I assume you know what you
are doing.
I do not work for Microsoft, but use their tools on a daily basis. It is
in my interest to make a true 'Open Web' that includes them.  We can
not force them to implement any specific feature.

Here my critical point:  The technical discussion is MOOT.  Microsoft
plays this game way to well. The ONLY way to win is not to play:  We
need to make JavaScript2 so well that they have no choice but to copy
it.   We need EVERY other vendor on board to make it the same across the
board and we need to release it all together on the same day with
several working implementations and tutorials.  We need OpenAjax to
solve the problems before ES4 gets here and to provide a migration path,

We need a master plan to achieve success against Microsoft's Stonewall
defense: may I suggest a fianchetto of one of the bishops?

Thanks for reading yet another lengthy post! (No I do not get paid by the


P.S. Allen Wirfs-Brock from Microsoft did make an important post on my

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