Es4-discuss Digest, Vol 8, Issue 44

Ric Johnson Cedric at OpenDomain.Org
Tue Oct 30 16:55:43 PDT 2007

>* Ric Johnson: "However, Doug did strike a chord when he said 'the
>ghost of Netscape'".
>Was Ric quoting you accurately, and if so, what did you mean?

I stand by this one.

>* Ric Johnson again: "There are A LOT of accusations of backroom
>deals being made"

However, it was NOT Doug that claimed any backroom deals.  I have it
written in my notes in several places, but do not know whom.  I was
sufficiently disturbed by the claim, I highlighted it to make sure I
posted it.  Can anyone claim this quote?

I am not a professional reporter.  I am just knurd who blogs about my

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