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Tue Oct 30 15:23:06 PDT 2007

I appreciated your comments at the end of the debate about people reading
the white-paper. It was very courteous. That said, you did imply that the WG
was split, by mentioning two members in support and two opposed.

Your comments to me after the presentation about back-compatibility were
interesting, and I think any concerns about successful implementations of
the back-compatibility (for instance, their implementations vis a vis the
browsers' DOM implementations) are the most interesting part of the debate,
and the part getting very little play. In effect, if ES4 implementations are
successfully able to run ES3 code, the major concern that people have is
fairly moot. So if there are factual reasons to suspect that ES4
implementations will fail to successfully support ES3, we should be talking
about them, front and center.

Thanks again!

-- Yehuda

On 10/30/07, Douglas Crockford <douglas at> wrote:
> > Doug Crockford made some statements about TG1 members and motives.
> The speculations about motives were made by others on this list, not by
> me.
> In answer to a question from Brent Ashley, I said that the working group
> was not in consensus, a fact which would have been apparent to any keen
> observer at the San Francisco Ajax Experience when you and I were sitting
> side-by-side arguing about the wisdom of the proposal.
> I pointed out that and the write paper are not official
> ECMA publications. The working group did not vote on either. I recommended
> that everyone read the white paper, and if they liked it, they should say
> so. And if they didn't, they should say that too. My intention was to start
> a debate. My advice was that people read it before taking sides. I wish more
> people were taking that advice. The proposal is not a done deal. It has
> serious consequences that should be discussed.
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