[TLUG]: ECMAScript ("Javascript") Version 4 - FALSE ALARM

Ric Johnson Cedric at OpenDomain.Org
Tue Oct 30 09:56:31 PDT 2007

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On 10/30/2007, "Chris Pine" <chrispi at opera.com> wrote:

>zwetan wrote:
>> so sorry I don't buy the "ECMAScript must change its name"
>No, of course not.  Nevermind that the scope of TG1 is "to standardize
>the syntax and semantics of a general purpose, cross platform,
>vendor-neutral dynamic scripting language called ECMAScript":
>   http://www.ecma-international.org/memento/TC39-TG1.htm
>I don't think that anyone believes there is honest concern that the name
>of the language might confuse people about which language they are
>getting.  ES3 programs will continue to work.
>The push to change the name is a push to kill the ES4 proposal.  It's
>that simple.
>First you change the name.  Then you admit it's a new language, and thus
>a new spec.  Incompatibilities with ES3 inevitably follow, in order to
>incompatibly fix bugs (something we'd all like to do, but not at the
>expense of breaking the web).  Browser vendors must then ship two
>runtimes to support the new language (impossible on small devices),
>while no work is required to truthfully claim "our browser has full
>ecmascript support".  So small devices don't get it, IE doesn't do it,
>and ES4 as proposed dies.
>So I don't buy it either:  I don't believe that anyone arguing to change
>the name thinks the language would thus succeed.  This rose, by any
>other name, would not be smelled at all.
>Chris Pine
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