[TLUG]: ECMAScript ("Javascript") Version 4 - FALSE ALARM

zwetan zwetan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 16:16:34 PDT 2007

from what I can understand ES4 seems to bother some people

is it because of fear of change, fear of competition, or whatever
software politics,
I don't know and I don't care

but I do know this, if me, the little guy, could access this mailling list,
the different wiki, ask questions etc.
why the hell microsoft and yahoo, or whatever other party being
against this ES4 proposal
could not just do the same and participate ?

so sorry I don't buy the "ECMAScript must change its name"
and I don't buy either the "ES4 is too large, blah blah , it change
too much ES3".

languages are meant to evolve, I waited long enought as a coder to see
ES evolve,
didn't liked at all the ES4 draft of 99, didn't liked the JScript.NET
and didn't liked either the AS2 implementation, but what we have now
in the current
proposal is good, it really evolved in the right direction keeping the
dynamism that I always loved in ES3, and I didn't see it evolve from
yesterday it's been months all that is being

And all that obviously in the open as I, the little monkey, could even
read all that.


ps: thanks a lot for Guy Steele's talk link :)

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