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Yehuda Katz wycats at
Mon Oct 29 10:56:48 PDT 2007

Is there any reason browser vendors couldn't continue to ship the old ES3
interpreter, and make it available for <script type="text/javascript"> and
make ES4 available for <script type="application/javascript"> or <script
That way, ES4 would not be capable of breaking anything, because the same
old ES3 interpreter would be running old code. That said, people could use
the back-compatibility feature of ES4 to incrementally update their code by
switching the MIME-type.

I think this one minor implementation detail could remove the "this
new language will break your code" argument for once and for all. And it
would ALREADY be the case with ScreamingMonkey. All it would require would
be that FF4 (or whichever version ships with ES4) continues to support the
old interpreter.

Is this sane?

Yehuda Katz
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