[TLUG]: ECMAScript ("Javascript") Version 4 - FALSE ALARM

Robert Sayre sayrer at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 11:25:40 PDT 2007

On 10/27/07, Mark Miller <erights at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was not at the Ajax Experience conference, but I just spent the last
> week at OOPSLA. Everyone at OOPSLA I ran into who knows about the ES4
> proposal hates it. The general sense is that they think it's a train
> wreck. But there's a feeling of resignation: Yet another runaway
> standards process to oppress us.
> I have only skimmed the proposed ES4 spec, so I can't yet venture an
> informed opinion. However, as a language designer myself, my initial
> sense of smell corroborates the consensus I saw at OOPSLA.

Hi Mark,

I'm afraid your message falls into a pattern I've been seeing lately:
unsubstantiated, non-technical criticism. In other words, FUD.

If you have technical criticism to contribute, it is of course welcome.


Robert Sayre

"I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time."

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