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David Teller David.Teller at
Tue Oct 23 04:10:44 PDT 2007

    Hello list,

 I'm still fighting the syntax of JS2. Attempting to feed it into a
parser generator (menhir, for the moment), has already allowed me to
find a few typoes in the spec and a few useless variables in the
reference implementation, which is all I have to show for the moment.
That and the fact that all XML* productions seem absent from the RI.

At the moment, though, I'm being puzzled by rule 317:

|  ListExpression (allowColon, allowIn) 
   [if lookahead not in { "function", "let", "{" }]

Besides the fact that this rule is annoying to implement, does it
actually mean what it intends ? In addition to blocks, it also prevents
an assignment to an object pattern from starting the ListExpression. Is
that desired ?


 I forgot where I found that version of the grammar, it's dated
14/10/2007, so I assume it's the latest. Where are they to be found, in
general ?

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