ES4 overview paper released

Lars T Hansen lth at
Mon Oct 22 12:34:46 PDT 2007

I'm pleased to present you with an overview paper describing ES4 as
the language currently stands.  TG1 is no longer accepting proposals,
we're working on the ES4 reference implementation, and we're expecting
the standard to be finished in October 2008.

The paper is available at  Feel free to share
the link and the pdf.

This paper is not a spec, it is *just* a detailed overview.  Some
features may be cut, others may be changed, and numerous details
remain to be worked out, but by and large this is what TG1 expects the
language to look like.  Your comments on the paper are very much
welcome.  Please send bug reports directly to me, everything else to
the list.

The intensely curious are invited to examine the open "Spec" bugs:


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