Questions on the notation used in the spec

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Oct 22 11:59:54 PDT 2007

Jeff Dyer scripsit:

> Alpha, beta, etc are a short-hand for describing similar productions. They
> can be expanded by replicating the parameterised production for each value
> in the corresponding set. E.g.
>    A(alpha) := B(alpha)
> can be rewritten as:
>    A_allowColon := B_allowColon
>    A_noColon := B_noColon

Yet another partial reinvention of Ad van Wijngaarden's two-level
grammars, I see.  Like most reinventions, it generates only a 
finite number of rules, although in principle there is nothing
to prevent recursion in the metarules (those named with Greek
letters here).

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