Questions on the notation used in the spec

Joel Reymont joelr1 at
Mon Oct 22 10:40:35 PDT 2007


I'm trying to create a Yacc grammar for ES4 and I have trouble  
understanding the notation used in the spec.

For example, there's

alpha = { allowColon, noColon }
beta  = { allowIn, noIn }
gamma = { allowExpr, noExpr }

and then

ParenExpression (  AssignmentExpression /allowColon, allowIn/  )

as well as

FunctionExpression /alpha, beta/
   function  Identifier  FunctionSignature  FunctionExpressionBody / 
alpha, beta/
   function  FunctionSignature  FunctionExpressionBody /alpha, beta/

How should I interpret these?

I also see other notation such as omega, tau, local, global, etc. Are  
these documented somewhere?

	Thanks, Joel


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