is ES4 getting too bloated?

Yuh-Ruey Chen maian330 at
Sun Oct 21 18:28:25 PDT 2007

Hey all,

I've been watching ES4 development and occasionally contributing input,
and I have noticed a somewhat disturbing trend. ES4 is getting ever more
and more complex.

I understand ES4 is a multi-paradigm language and so must be packed with
features, but I don't think we want a repeat of the C++ template problem
(where it took nearly a decade just to get most compilers near
compliance with the C++ spec). My point is that although a significant
update to ES is needed, if it takes too long to implement a conforming
compiler/interpreter for it, the adoption of new features is going to be
slow. Heck, I wonder how willing MS would be to provide a fully (or near
enough to it) conforming interpreter for ES4 if the spec is so large.

Small proposals like bug fixes and reformed with and company, or
proposals that generalize syntax to make the language more elegant are
perfectly fine by me. But we already have such huge features like
classes, generators, namespaces, type system, and now generic functions.
Perhaps we should start deferring more features to ES5?

-Yuh-Ruey Chen

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