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> Does instanceof operator check 'constructor' property in [proto] chain?

No. It uses the [[HasInstance]] private method of the object passed in
as the right operand.

In the case of

    'string' instanceof String;

F is String and 'string' is V in the following algorithm:
~~~~~~~~ [[HasInstance]] (V)
Assume F is a Function object.
When the [[HasInstance]] method of F is called with value V, the
following steps are taken:
1. If V is not an object, return false.
2. Call the [[Get]] method of F with property name "prototype".
3. Let O be Result(2).
4. If O is not an object, throw a TypeError exception.
5. Let V be the value of the [[Prototype]] property of V.
6. If V is null, return false.
7. If O and V refer to the same object or if they refer to objects
joined to each other (section 13.1.2), return true.
8. Go to step 5.
David "liorean" Andersson

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