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>We do not get any bugs about this at
That may be in WEB few people work with null values and there too few big applications ( are they exist at all? ) on client side
So people do not commit any bugs. 

Why other languages do not do so? There may be a good cause
I think that is:
if( null )  ==> false
but after convertation to string it is going to be TRUE. I think that is naturally wrong
if( null.toString() ) ==> true

Despite on ES1-3. Can any tell:
What value they expect after convertion null to string?
You expect TRUE or FALSE?
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    When convert null to string it is better to return empty string then 'null' string;

    var a= null;
    var b= '';
    b= 'test' + a; //b == 'testnull'; EXPECTED: b == 'test'

  This is an incompatible change and there's no point in making it now.

  However much better this seems now, that ship sailed 12 years ago in Netscape 2 (beta). We do not get any bugs about this at, and I've never heard of it as a recurrent cause of real-world confusion and bugs, which might justify an incompatbile change, if there is no content on the crawlable web that depends on null => "null" and only content wishing null => "". So ES4 should remain compatible with ES1-3 here.


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