Regex: How should backreferences contained in the capturing match they reference to work?

StevenLevithan steves_list at
Tue Nov 27 11:55:40 PST 2007

liorean wrote:
> Tried to sum up the issue a little more coherently and well
> articulated in a blog post:
> <uri:>

And I've posted a follow-up here  (which in
truth is more of a long rant).

BTW, here's another variation on the use of Perl-style group participation
handling that I posted on a regex forum yesterday:
Reg Expression for matching [multiple required attributes]  (that regex also
uses an atomic group, but that's not imperative in this case and can be
emulated even in ES3 by using capturing groups in lookahead, if necessary).
The Perl-style handling is intuitive and ripe for creative exploitation. The
ES3-style handling is essentially useless. But I'll stop beating this horse
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