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Kris Zyp kriszyp at
Thu Nov 15 09:17:25 PST 2007

>   Various interested parties favored something like the json2.js API
> already, and I think everyone will rally round it and beat on it, to make
> sure it has the right usability and knobs. I'm hopeful.

+1 from me. One request: When a filter function is provided to JSON.parse, I
would like the filter to be called with |this| defined to be the root object
that is being created by the parsed JSON text. Having a reference to the
created root object can be useful for some forms of filters such as
reference resolvers.

>  The problem in general is that Bob's classes and Alice's classes were
> written without anticipating Carol's combination of the two, but Carol
> cannot use MI. Nor can she provide objects that match structural types. She
> has to inherit from both Bob's and Alice's classes.
Was multiple inheritance discussed for inclusion in ES4? I am aware of the
general arguments against it, but I was wondering if had been considered or
if there are technical aspects of ES4 that preclude it.

> Does this clear things up?

Yes, that certainly helps me to understand the rationale. Thanks for being
so willing to answer questions about ES4 issues.

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