Close review of Language Overview whitepaper

Kris Zyp kriszyp at
Wed Nov 14 21:51:37 PST 2007

>> JSON: Sounds good.
> This proposal is withdrawn and another API is being considered for 
> reinclusion later. See http:;//
toJSONString and parseJSON are going away? I was actually wanting to write 
and suggest the removal of these, with Douglas's recent change in his JSON 
API. I am glad to see these will be going away. Will ES4 include the other 
API (JSON.parseJSON / JSON.stringify)?

>You miss the main difference: structural types are not equated by  name, so 
>they avoid the inheritance trap of classes, which consists
I would love to understand the purpose of structural types better. I don't 
understand how base class evolution is constrained in ways that super record 
types aren't.
I also don't understand how the goal of applying types to existing ES3 
objects can not be achieved with wrap operator and nominal types. I know 
there something I am missing here.

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