Bringing up the issue of numerical constraints again

liorean liorean at
Mon Nov 12 16:56:39 PST 2007


Since we now have a namespace for uint specific math operations, and
discussion in another thread about using pragmas for throwing if
assigning to ReadOnly properties... Is it possible we could have a
look at the idea of adding constrained primitive types or adding a
pragma changing the mechanism for, or adding a separate set of
operations, constraining number types by the simple rule of (input >
output_type.MAX_VALUE) and (input < output_type.MIN_VALUE) throwing an
out-of-bounds error.

I'm a little concerned that a type of uint allows assigning negatives
with a silent round-the-corner conversion and allows values of NaN and
Infinity. (I imagine for example the DOM interfaces that have uint
constraints really would like these to throw an out-of-bounds
exception or similar.)

Also, the RI gives an Overflow exception for values 2^32 or greater,
which I'm not sure whether it's the intended behaviour or a result of
the underlying implementation that is in fact intended to fail
silently like the other cases.

>> function fn(input:uint):uint input;
>> fn(0x7fffffff);
>> fn(-0x80000000);
>> fn(Infinity);
>> fn(NaN);
>> fn(0x100000000);
unhandled exception: Overflow

>> function fn(input:int):int input;
>> fn(0x7fffffff)
>> fn(0x80000000)
>> fn(-0x80000000)
>> fn(NaN)
>> fn(Infinity)
>> fn(0x100000000)
unhandled exception: Overflow
David "liorean" Andersson

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