Assigning to ReadOnly properties

T. Michael Keesey keesey at
Mon Nov 12 14:44:20 PST 2007

Hi, new here.

On Nov 12, 2007 2:22 PM, Jonathan Watt <jwatt at> wrote:
> >>>    use readonly error
> >>>
> >>> or perhaps
> >>>
> >>>    use readonly throw
> >>>
> >>> We try to make pragmas more readable, sometimes with an extra word;
> >>> not sure this is the best way to phrase it still, but the idea would
> >>> be to enable throwing of a ReadOnlyError on assignment to a ReadOnly
> >>> property. Comments?
> >> Why not just:
> >>
> >>   use ReadOnlyError
> >
> > Sure -- pragma convention so far  has been terse and lower-case, e.g.
> > 'use strict' or 'use decimal ...'.
> I'm not sure what maintaining case convention gives you here. Using |use
> ReadOnlyError| is about as intuitive and easy to remember as it could be I think.

Since the existing pragma directives are all single words, they could
be camel-humped or underscored for all we know.

Actually, no, I guess there's "use xml namespace [string or Namespace
object]", which might suggest "use error [Class reference or object]".
The latter could be used for other types of errors as well.

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