Security in ES4 - (OpenAjax)

Ric Johnson Cedric at OpenDomain.Org
Mon Nov 12 03:39:06 PST 2007

The OpenAjax Alliance website (OpenAjax.Org) was recently hacked (a
phishing attack according to Jon Ferraiolo) and so I have let the group
use the domain http://OpenAjax.Com in it's place until everything is
worked out.

It seems GoDaddy has been very responsive, and the DNS is switched back, 
and the Alliance admins have both domains pointing to the correct
server, including my email. I do not know of the legal ramifications,
although Jon did mention he had contacted the FBI.

This makes it even more critical to push for stronger security.  This was
one of the more expensive OpenDomains I have donated, and I am extremely
upset that someone has stolen it.  I would appreciate it if everyone on
this list would be help the community become aware that if this could
happen to IBM, it can happen to them.

Thank you
Ric Johnson

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