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zwetan zwetan at
Thu Nov 8 05:03:34 PST 2007

On Nov 8, 2007 12:33 PM, Alex Russell <alex at> wrote:
> The flash version is indeed snappy by comparison, but it's kind of a
> rigged game. The silverlight version it needs is an alpha, and they'll
> have plenty of chances to iterate. I don't think this demo is a dig
> against ES3 in any way. Indeed, we can do better than the Silverlight
> example without resorting to plugins of any variety:
> see:
> for locked columns and virtual scrolling:
> For full effect, try it on Safari 3 or a recent Minefield/GranParadiso
> build.
> If we can get similar performance for tasks like this in raw-browser
> environments (on today's ES3 implementations), then biting off the
> entire rendering phase is absolutely the wrong problem to solve. Your
> example points out to me not that having a better VM's
> that the level of effort to get to a UI which is completely
> inappropriate on my Mac is tremendously high ;-)
> [ snip ]

if you stay on ES3 the only place where you can improve the performance
is the engine interpreting the JS,
but even with the best of breed interpreter you ll hit a dead end at
one moment or another
(I mean you can not infinitely squeeze performance out of the engine,
it has limits)

types and other things added in ES4 can help an engine to have better
wether if you got an engine that interpret the raw script or a VM that
run the bytecode
of the compiled script,
but even with that I think a VM will be able to squeeze out even more

I don't say Tamarin and ES4 are fully related, but the combination of the two
is exactly what gonna bring huge performance improvement imho.

so, you must have guessed, I don't agree


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