Chris Wilson: What I think about ES4

Mitch Skinner lists at
Sun Nov 4 08:41:57 PST 2007

Nicolas Cannasse wrote:
> I personaly don't care about Microsoft opinion EXCEPT that they are 
> the ones doing Internet Explorer (IE), you know, that (still) 80% 
> market share internet browser, the one your users are visiting your 
> website with...
> So, as developers, we're out of luck.
> Mozilla and Adobe thought the same and came up with the 
> ScreamingMonkey project, which is an ES4 runtime that can be installed 
> for Internet Explorer. Nice, but how long will that work ? Given that 
> Microsoft has no intention of helping, I can foresee that each 
> IE/Windows update will break something.

I thought that ScreamingMonkey planned on using a published & fairly 
stable API to do this.  Does anyone know of non-Microsoft users of this 
API?  How hard would it be for them to break it?

Assuming that vbscript and silverlight use this same API, I have to 
think they'd be pretty conservative with it.  Even if it were to change, 
it couldn't be that hard for ScreamingMonkey to keep up.


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