keywords considered harmful

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There are two categories of reserved words: ReservedIdentifiers and
ContextuallyReservedIdentifiers. The former are completely reserved,
whereas the latter are reserved in specific contexts but are otherwise
not reserved.

For example, 'static' is a contextually reserved word, so you should be
able to use it as a property name.

See the complete list here:

Actually, that list, which has about 49 ReservedIdentifiers and 15
ContextuallyReservedIdentifiers, is a little outdated. Currently the
ReservedIdentifiers number in the low 30s and the
ContextuallyReservedIdentifiers number in the mid 40s.


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We have an awful lot of keywords.  Has any thought been given to not  
reserving them outright?

A user today complained that they cannot have a property 'static'.   
(I suggested they change it to 'notdynamic'.  :P)

But static is really only used as an adjective in a couple of places  
in the language.  So why do we have to ban it completely as an  

What am I missing?
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