Separating a Hash type from Object

Andrew Dupont andrew at
Tue May 1 22:14:49 PDT 2007

Brendan Eich wrote:
> I'm confused -- do you intend that foo#.toString name a property in  
> no namespace with identifier 'toString' in some object, or a property  
> in a hidden namespace with local name 'toString'?
The latter was my interpretation. But you're saying that the #. operator 
would simply look at the subset of an object's properties that are 
defined on the instance?

That's more reasonable than creating a whole new property namespace. It 
doesn't solve the string coercion problem, though. Combining the #. 
operator with "use namespace intrinsic;" would, but that means the 
developer would have to *opt into* key safety.

I still think the idea is promising, though, and would be useful even 
with this drawback -- and far more practical than what I originally 
thought you meant.


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