Wiki re-export

Graydon Hoare graydon at
Wed Mar 14 14:46:54 PDT 2007


A snapshot of the ES4 committee wiki has been re-exported to the Mozilla 
development website. The URL for the current snapshot is:

The URL containing HTML-differences between the previous and current 
export (marked with ins and del tags) is:

The changes represent the non-programming work of the past 3 months of 
committee meetings and discussion on this mailing list. We encourage 
further scrutiny of the proposals and spec-in-progress and look forward 
to feedback from this mailing list.

Since the last export, the committee's work has shifted focus 
significantly to the SML-based reference implementation. Not as much has 
changed in the wiki as in previous exports. The reference implementation 
is not presently available for public consumption, but is progressing 
rapidly. We hope to accompany future updates with snapshots of the 
source code.


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