Transient property attribute

Kris Zyp kriszyp at
Tue Jun 5 22:13:45 PDT 2007

Would it be possible to add a property attribute "transient"? It would not 
need any special treatment, it would serve purely as a marker. Java has this 
as a property attribute/field modifier, and it is very helpful for defining 
what fields should be included in persistence/serialization. The only 
implementation detail that this might effect is that I believe that it would 
be most proper if "toJSONString" ignored properties that had been marked as 
"transient". So if one declared an instance variable:
class A{
    transient var b
b would not be included in toJSONString serializations, and other 
persistence/serialization strategies could use introspection to be aware 
that such values should not be saved. Any chance this could make it in the 

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