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On 7/30/07, David Teller <David.Teller at> wrote:
>         Hi,
>  I'm currently exploring the code, as a preliminary to writing a static
> analysis tool. At the moment, I'm stuck in the lexer, where I have two
> questions.
> Firstly, embedded comments seem to be forbidden. That is, a block such
> as
>         /* bla /* more bla */ even more bla*/
> will be passed to the parser as
>         even more bla */
> Is that normal ?


> Is that desired ?

It's Traditional, at least.  Most languages don't seem to care about
nested comments.  Standard ML and Modula-3 are the only ones that come
to mind right now.

> Secondly, regular expressions. From what I gather, a regular expression
> containing a "x" anywhere can be multiline. Is that it ? It sounds too
> strange to be true.

No, a regular expression that is trailed by an 'x' flag can be multiline, eg


This introduces an interesting problem for the lexer because it can't
know whether the x flag is present until it's lexed the regular
expression.  The rule is that it must assume the x flag is present,
and, coming to the end and finding it not there after all, must throw
a syntax error.


> Thanks,
>  David
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