Garrett dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 00:11:58 PDT 2007

I found this example:


function chickenCount(myChickens:Array[Chicken]):Integer {
  if (notHatched(myChickens))
    abort("Can’t count the chickens yet");
    return myChickens.length;

Note that if the function abort had no explicit return type or any return
type other than Never, then the compiler would likely issue a warning inside
the function chickenCount because it contains a code path (the false case of
its if) that appears to fall out of the function without returning a value,
while chickenCount is declared to return an Integer. The Never return type
on abort tells the compiler that there is no such code path inside

If I'm not mistaken, the description below can only make sense if the
example has "return abort( ... )", not  "abort( ... )".

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