inheriting statics

Peter Hall peterjoel at
Tue Jan 9 08:15:43 PST 2007

> In other words, statics are inherited and can be redefined, although
> they are statically resolved, so they have shadowing semantics (like
> instance fields) rather than overriding.

So there does not even need to be a requirement that the type of
static variables be related to the type of the variable in the
super-class, or for static method signatures to match.

But I'm wondering..

class A {
 public static function foo (){

class B extends A {
   // should this non-static method be allowed?
   public function foo(){
       // and, if so, can I do this?;

class C extends B {
  public static function foo(){
      // and, if so, would this invoke or be an error?;


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