extracting namespace from a property

Jeff Walden jwalden at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 15 06:43:59 PST 2007

Igor Bukanov wrote:
> Prefixes are optional E4X feature that an implementation may choose
> not to support.

Yeah, that's nice -- problem is that it really only works if everyone agrees not to expose prefixes or the spec mandates it, and since most other things preserve prefixes it's feature compat (everyone expects it or uses something else).  I like the effort, but personally I think it was too late to try, a worse-is-better scenario.

> They are only necessary to preserve the initial
> prefixes in the serialized XML. So perhaps E4X namespace can subclass
> the Name class?

I think I could go for that, although since you can't guarantee |n is Name| forall |for (var n in obj)|, I'm not sure doing so is really a useful gain.


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